B.C.’s Independent
Investigations Office (IIO)

The IIO falls far short of its supposed model, Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU).
The news and commentary below outline the IIO’s deficiencies and how the NDP opposition
and B.C. Civil Liberties Association collaborated with the BC Liberal government to uphold
the police status quo. These posts also appear on the News and Comment page, along with
almost all other posts on this site.


Myles Gray:
The coroner’s inquest changes nothing

B.C. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth plans to evade
police accountability by manipulating identity politics. More…


Local MLAs aided the
Prince George RCMP cover-up

Dan Davies, Shirley Bond and Mike Morris blocked
civilian investigation of rape allegations against police. More…


Read it there first

Three months before the Vancouver Sun and Province,
the Toronto Star reported new revelations about
the RCMP cover-up of rape allegations
against Prince George RCMP. More…
A study by the Toronto-based Globe and Mail finds
B.C. cops rank last in Canada for co-operation
with oversight agencies. More…
More than any B.C. media the Globe and Mail advocates
police accountability—especially for B.C. More…


Sexual misconduct and rape:
Cops cover up for cops

Where’s Farnworth? Where’s Eby?
Where are the media and SJWs? More…


RCMP cover up rape allegations
against Prince George Mounties

The supposed whistleblowers are part of the problem.
So are the media, not to mention B.C.’s legislature,
legal establishment and SJWs. More…


Decolonizing corruption

B.C. wants to retain cop cover-ups, but with
native participation under a confused, weird
and racially exclusive Police Act. More…


At last, a (partial) advocate
for police accountability

But the B.C. Human Rights Commission emphasizes
identity politics at the cost of some issues
—and some people. More…


Does B.C. have any place for
Richard Rosenthal’s expertise?

The former IIO director studied here,
farms here, fights fires here but takes his police
accountability work across the border. More…


Cop-friendly Crown attorneys
show the IIO who’s boss

A Mountie gets away with shooting
an unarmed man nine times, thanks to
weak legislation and weakling “activists.”


Does ‘institutional knowledge’
refer to the OPCC as well as
Vancouver police?

A lawyer says Vancouver cop Jim Fisher got away with
sexual misconduct towards vulnerable women and girls
despite “institutional knowledge.” More…


All hail Tom Stamatakis

Stakeholders respond as new director appointed
to B.C. Independent Investigations Office. More…


Let’s hope we haven’t heard
the last of Richard Rosenthal

The former IIO director’s our best hope for a prominent advocate.
Meanwhile cop interests might fill the IIO vacancy with a cop lapdog.


When police rape, can Stan Lowe
be trusted to oversee investigations?

Those are among the powers granted to B.C.’s police complaint
commissioner. But he colluded with Vancouver cops to cover up
gratuitous violence against a disabled woman. More…


Who’s behind the campaign against
B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office?

Cops, ex-cops and cop-friendly IIO insiders actively oppose
police accountability. And they have the media’s ear. More…


An investigation into B.C.’s
Independent Investigations Office

Are cops behind the IIO dissension? And who’s going to conduct
this investigation—B.C.’s corrupt police complaint commissioner? More...


IIO’s appointed civilian monitor
downplays key faults with IIO’s investigation

The RCMP shot Gregory Matters in the back, not in the chest
as IIO director Richard Rosenthal claimed. Why did Rosenthal’s
appointee let him off the hook? More...


B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office
screws up its first case

The fiasco was so obvious even the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and
Pivot Legal Society establishment wannabes spoke up. But unlike
police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe, IIO director Richard Rosenthal
isn’t part of B.C.’s legal establishment. More...


B.C. MLAs hold inquiry into the
Independent Investigations Office

A legislative committee hears civilian investigators and ex-cops
clash at the IIO. But don’t expect much from MLAs or the media. More...


B.C. Independent Investigations Office
orders Greg Matters review

IIO director Richard Rosenthal changes course
after ex-employee criticizes the agency’s investigation. More...


IIO chief under fire

B.C. Independent Investigations Office director Richard Rosenthal
faces internal revolt, criticism over Greg Matters case. More...


Crown lets cops get away with
Tasering and assaulting 74-year-old

B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office has to depend on the
same police-friendly prosecutors. That’s the way the BC Liberals,
NDP and BCCLA want it. More...


Right from the beginning,
Richard Rosenthal tainted the IIO

B.C.’s new police watchdog hired OPCC cop retreads
from Stan T. Lowe’s crooked crew of ex-cops. More...


An appeal to B.C.’s media:

Okay, you told us about
IIO chief Richard Rosenthal.
Now what about OPCC boss Stan Lowe?

In just five days, B.C.’s media gave the new guy much more
scrutiny than ever devoted to Stan Lowe and his crew of ex-cops.
But they have a lot to answer for, starting with their cover-up
of a VPD assault on a disabled woman. More...


Welcome to Canada and the
Independent Investigations Office,
Richard Rosenthal

This job calls for an outsider.
Here’s hoping you’re the right one. More...


So much for our official activists,
the B.C. Civil Liberties Association

The BCCLA co-operate with corrupt bigshots and support
the BC Liberal con job on police accountability. More...


Defeating justice with power

Do cop lobbyists account for the BC Liberal/NDP coalition
against police accountability? More...


Police ‘accountability’:
The cops are still in control

In keeping with longstanding OPCC practice,
former B.C. police are heavily involved in creating
the Independent Investigations Office. More...
Read the B.C. Civil Liberties Association press release here...
Right from the beginning, the IIO is tainted
with the OPCC’s corruption and cop cronyism. More...


Thomas Braidwood sells out

His support notwithstanding, B.C.’s
new Independent Investigations Office
isn’t what he recommended. More...
The B.C. Liberals’ handling of this issue shows they can now
pass off any odious policy with political aplomb. More...


Police accountability:
Comparing B.C. with Ontario (II)

Without an ombudsperson’s strong oversight
B.C.’s police ‘watchdog’ will remain B.C.’s police lapdog.


Police accountability:
Comparing B.C. with Ontario (I)

Their system is a flawed work in progress
but it surpasses ours in three crucial areas. More...