Faux activists,
lying opportunists

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association and Pivot Legal Society
have no credibility on the subject of police accountability

Our system of police accountability benefits cops more than citizens. For that we can thank the B.C. Liberal government, its compliant NDP opposition and a media that ranges from feckless to gutless—but also the collaboration of our “official activists,” the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and Pivot Legal Society. Both groups manipulate issues to suit their members’ personal ambitions.

On the subject of police accountability, the BCCLA will criticize individual police officers but it sucks up to the establishment bigshots who profit by protecting wrong-doing cops.

While the B.C. government was planning legislation to create the Independent Investigations Office, the BCCLA had more power than anyone outside the legislature to inform the media and pressure politicians to create a truly effective agency. But the BCCLA repeatedly praised the government’s plans, despite the fact that they’ve created an agency that doesn’t compare with its supposed model, Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.

The BCCLA has twice issued widely publicized formal statements that dishonestly claim B.C. has ended the practice of police investigating police. Those are among the ways the BCCLA confuses media and the public for the benefit of corrupt bigshots.

Poverty pimp lawyer Doug King of the Pivot Legal Society boosts his career by selling out his clients. While representing the family of Michael Vann Hubbard, King absolved Vancouver police for its cowardly shooting of the frail, elderly man. While representing Sandy Davidsen, King praised B.C. police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe, even though Lowe helped VPD Professional Standards cover up constable Taylor Robinson’s assault on King’s client. King knows about the cover-up. He even went back on his word to criticize the OPCC. Even more obviously than the BCCLA, King demonstrates the problem of uber-ambitious lawyers manipulating issues for their own benefit.

Prior to King’s involvement, Pivot poverty pimp Scott Bernstein represented Robinson’s victim. Bernstein stayed opportunistically silent during the joint VPD/OPCC cover-up. Neither Bernstein nor King dared to try their machinations in the black and Hispanic inner-cities of their own country.

Yet B.C.’s media have given all these characters a near-monopoly on critical comment about police accountability. Here’s a series of posts about these lying opportunists.


What’s wrong with the
Wong/Tong guilt-mongering?

Lots more people owe natives an apology.
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Finally, a clear statement
from the BCCLA’s Harsha Walia

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An open letter to the
Union of British Columbia
Indian Chiefs and the
B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Police cover-ups are more common than you might realize.
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A poverty pimp who surpasses
even the BCCLA’s establishment ambitions

Pivot Legal Society lawyer Doug King lavishes praise on police complaint commissioner
Stan Lowe—who helped Vancouver cops cover up police brutality on King’s client. More…


An open letter to the
B.C. Civil Liberties Association and Pivot Legal Society

You’ve taken up cases of police misconduct. But the most serious problem isn’t
individual officers. It’s a thoroughly disreputable system of police oversight. More…


Crown lets cops get away with
Tasering and assaulting 74-year-old

B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office has to depend on the
same police-friendly prosecutors. That’s the way the BC Liberals,
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Why the B.C. Civil Liberties Association falls short
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So much for our official activists,
the B.C. Civil Liberties Association

The BCCLA co-operate with corrupt bigshots and support
the BC Liberal con job on police accountability. More...