Welcome to Canada and the
Independent Investigations Office,
Richard Rosenthal

This job calls for an outsider.
Here’s hoping you’re the right one

Dec. 7, 2011


So far I know nothing about Richard Rosenthal, except that he’s not from Canada. So presumably has no connection to the RCMP or the dishonest mob that comprises so many of B.C.’s cops, Crown attorneys, government officials and the staff at the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

For that, I’m relieved.

Rosenthal does, however, come under the authority of B.C.’s attorney general, as well as that of Stan Lowe and his ex-cops at the OPCC. Those are two formidable challenges to Rosenthal’s effectiveness.

Remember that the Independent Investigations Office will only handle incidents involving death or the most serious injuries. Chronically inaccurate news reporting to the contrary, other cases will continue to be investigated by police. Except for some of the incidents that get advance publicity or the support of an influential group, those cop-on-cop investigations will continue to be rubber-stamped by Lowe and his corrupt gang at the OPCC.

But for now let’s wish Rosenthal the best.

Discouraging update: Right from the beginning, Richard Rosenthal tainted the IIO
by hiring OPCC cop retreads from Stan Lowe’s crooked crew of ex-cops
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