The Vancouver Police
Verbal Abuse Unit

Vancouver cops Jeffrey Dy, John Doduk
and Anna Grigoletto really enjoyed mouthing off
at someone who couldn’t talk back


In the incident that prompted my complaint, Vancouver Police Const. Jeffrey Dy was belligerent towards me, Const. John Doduk was offensive and Const. Anna Grigoletto was so thoroughly repugnant that I wonder about her emotional stability. Even more than Dy and Doduk, Grigoletto seemed to derive personal gratification from behaving abusively to someone who couldn’t respond to provocation.

Grigoletto is now a detective with the Vancouver Police Elder Abuse Unit. (See update below.)

The behavioral problems of Dy, Doduk and Grigoletto were far-reaching. The basis of my complaint was that they sided with two security guards who illegally arrested, handcuffed and assaulted me. The cops didn’t just abuse their power to behave contemptibly. They also showed their approval of the security guards’ illegal actions by behaving respectfully to them and offensively to me.

But inexcusable as it was, their behaviour wasn’t the most important part of the complaint.

Nevertheless every aspect of my complaint was dismissed. Judging by the Vancouver police report, the VPD investigation consisted of Dy, Doduk and Grigoletto telling lie after lie to Vancouver Police Professional Standards officers Ian Upton and Rollie Woods, both liars themselves. (Here’s just one example.)

Their dishonest investigation was rubber-stamped by another liar, deputy police complaint commissioner Bruce M. Brown.

Woods now works with Brown at B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.


Update: Screaming Anna Grigoletto has apparently been reassigned to the Vancouver police financial crime unit. That’s a surprising transfer, since the department’s work presumably requires a three-digit IQ. However management might have decided it was a suitably obscure milieu for a non-productive desk job that limits her contact with other people.

Screaming Anna Grigoletto’s behavioural problem offers an interesting perspective on the issue of police body cameras. Video evidence could not only bring her obnoxious fits to a wider audience but also offer psychological insight into her selective hysteria. Screaming Anna’s tantrums towards harmless-looking people contrast with her fulsome deference to tough-looking guys, as she talks in a respectful tone and exhibits bowing-and-scraping body language.

It’s a terrible liability for police as well as the communities they serve that cop culture can attract such a primitive coward as Screaming Anna Grigoletto.

Too little too late,
Screaming Anna Grigoletto gets some therapy