Screaming Anna Grigoletto
gets some therapy

A really, really, really obnoxious
Vancouver cop needs help—especially
since she’s in the wrong line of work


It must be something like a teddy bear to an upset child. A great big teddy bear of a dog for a great big upset mess of a cop. Screaming Anna Grigoletto, a “detective” with the Vancouver police financial crimes unit and an emotionally disturbed wackjob, undergoes canine consolation.

According to Global News, a VPD “therapy dog” helps cops “take care of their wellness—before it becomes an illness.”

That might come late for Screaming Anna but she told the broadcaster, “I just sit with him like I am now and hold him and pet him and it just helps to bring everything down.”


Emotional therapy for emotionally disturbed Screaming Anna Grigoletto

Screaming Anna Grigoletto’s behavioural disorder
could explain her transfer to an obscure job.


Global News added, “Canadian police officers are disproportionately affected by mental illness.” What could be an occupational risk for other cops may well be Screaming Anna’s lifelong condition.

A therapy dog might not provide the treatment she actually needs, but what’s the VPD supposed to do with someone so manifestly unsuited for police work? It’s extraordinarily difficult to fire a cop, even for offensive behaviour let alone incompetence, stupidity, deceit and cowardice.

By no means are all cops like that. But a tragic weakness of police culture attracts infusoria like Screaming Anna. A glaring fault of police culture requires cops to practise solidarity, even on behalf of someone who brings other cops into disrepute.

That’s Screaming Anna, maybe seen most dramatically when she throws one of her shrieking fits at a harmless guy but speaks deferentially and shows bowing-and-scraping body language to a big, violent, dangerous-looking guy.

Screaming Anna’s dumb as shit, too.

So now she’s supposedly a detective with the VPD financial crimes unit. Did Screaming Anna actually gain expertise in accounting, investing, stock markets, securities regulations, real estate, banking, shadow banking, money laundering, cryptocurrencies, tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement and other subjects generally requiring a three-digit IQ?

Or was this problem cop sidelined with a fake job in an inactive department that’s about as far from the frontline as a VPD cop can get?

If so that means, on top of being a coward, a liar, an imbecile and a screeching lunatic, she’s a parasite. Screaming Anna’s drawing a salary and pension entitlement that should go to a real cop.

Regardless of whether he or she might want a “therapy dog,” a real cop would benefit the public—quite unlike Screaming Anna Grigoletto.

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