MLA Mike Farnworth did what?

Farnworth attended the fundraiser for Robert Dziekanski’s mother.

Farnworth also helped appoint Stan Lowe police complaint commissioner.

Lowe took part in the decision to smear Dziekanski
and shield four cops from criminal responsibility for his death.

As a result, Dziekanski’s mother is campaigning to have Poland press charges.

So she held a fundraiser — which Farnworth attended.

B.C. NDP MLA Mike Farnworth:
This is just one of his faces.
June 2, 2009

MLA Mike Farnworth attended the May 30 fundraiser for Robert Dziekanski’s mother, Zofia Cisowski. But Farnworth was part of a five-member legislative committee that unanimously appointed Stan Lowe B.C.’s new police complaint commissioner. Previously Lowe worked for the Criminal Justice Branch, where he took part in the decision to shield four RCMP officers from criminal responsibility for Dziekanski’s death. Lowe publicly defended what many people consider indefensible — an investigation that all but blamed Dziekanski for his own death and absolved the four Mounties.

Farnworth and the other MLAs announced the appointment on Dec. 18, 2008, only six days after Lowe released his highly controversial report on Dziekanski’s death.

At the May 30 fundraiser Ms. Cisowski announced she’s trying to persuade the Polish government to press charges against the four officers. Those efforts, difficult as they must be at this painful time in her life, would be unnecessary were it not for the Criminal Justice Branch decision in which Lowe took part.

Now, thanks to Farnworth and the other committee members — Harry Bloy, Leonard Krog, John Rustad and (since defeated) John Nuraney — Lowe runs the office that supposedly oversees complaints against municipal cops.

Farnworth is opposition critic for Public Safety and Solicitor General. Krog is opposition critic for the Attorney General.

All MLAs on that committee should explain why they made such an astonishing choice.

In addition, Krog should be asked whether he still stands by his statement in the committee’s Dec. 18 media release: “We are fortunate to have recruited Mr. Lowe, who has considerable experience as a lecturer on legal topics related to police training and the appropriate use of force.”

And Farnworth should explain how he could attend Ms. Cisowski’s fundraiser.

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