Benjamin Montgomery
Monty Robinson
just got a pay raise

RCMP salary increases apply to all Mounties, even the
convicted criminals who spend years on paid vacation

April 7, 2012


Killer corporal Benjamin Montgomery Monty Robinson just picked up some additional income, thanks to Canadian taxpayers. One of the biggest disgraces in the thoroughly disgraced RCMP, he’ll get the across-the-board pay raises that have just been announced for all B.C. Mounties, regardless of merit. The extra loot even goes to criminals like Robinson who get closer and closer to retirement on full pensions while enjoying years-long suspensions on full pay and perks.

The practice has been going on for many years. Media exposure has done nothing to convince either the RCMP or the federal government to stop rewarding cops who should have been fired long ago.

Suspended RCMP officers get full salary and pay raises too
while going through their impossibly slow but highly remunerative
review process. More here and here.
Then, in the unlikely event that a Mountie is ever found guilty,
nothing much happens. More here and here.

These news stories go back a few years. But the only thing that’s changed is the increased number of Mounties on suspension — and the increase in pay they receive while on suspension.


Update: Mountie mega-disgrace Monty Robinson finally left the force in July 2012 after four years and eight months on paid vacation. There’s no word on whether he gets a tax-funded pension or double-dipping retirement sinecure.

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