Dec. 12, 2011 Backgrounder 7:

About me

I’m a low-income east Vancouver guy with a naive belief that a healthy democracy relies on the active involvement of well-informed citizens.

I took on this project after being astonished at how easily the OPCC gets away with dishonest work. I differ from our “official” activists, the BCCLA, because my focus is not so much on police as B.C.’s system of police accountability and the people who run it.

This appeal to the media is my final act in this project, which I’m now ending.

Backgrounders to the Dec. 12, 2011 media release:

1. The OPCC: B.C.’s little-known police oversight agency

2. B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office: Not what it’s made out to be

3. B.C. media and police accountability: Little coverage and often inaccurate

4. The Don Morrison controversy: The one time that the OPCC did receive scrutiny

5. The BCCLA: Part of the problem with our system of police accountability

6. The NDP: Supporting the BC Liberals’ efforts to thwart police accountability

7. About me

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