News flash:
RCMP complaint commissioner
concedes what everybody else knows

Meanwhile Taser trigger-man Kwesi Millington
and killer Corporal Benjamin Monty Robinson
remain on the Mountie payroll

Dec. 8, 2009

More than two years after the event, the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP finally conceded what almost everyone else knows: The Dziekanski death squad did absolutely everything wrong.

But the RCMP’s one-year limitation on disciplinary action has long since passed. Stan Lowe and B.C.’s Criminal Justice Branch have already cleared the Mounties of criminal responsibility and the Crown keeps dithering about whether to re-open the criminal investigation. RCMP brass won’t even comment until next year, when Thomas Braidwood releases his final report.

Taser trigger-man Kwesi Millington will likely get away with his deadly actions. So will Corporal Benjamin Monty Robinson, who remains on paid leave and faces only a reduced charge after drunkenly killing another man.

Commission chairperson Paul Kennedy can now exit with false glory (as did former B.C. Police Complaint Commissioner Dirk Ryneveld, another faux crusader). Most journalists will likely forget the W5 exposé that showed how Kennedy excused cops by “creat[ing] scenarios” that don’t match the evidence.

Calls for independent investigations into the RCMP will likely be answered only with limited civilian involvement, possibly mere “oversight,” possibly by people very close to the police, and only in the most serious cases of police misconduct.

Meanwhile nothing much will change in a dysfunctional cop culture where dishonest, violent, low-IQ characters thrive.

Update: Each of the cops gets a separate trial.
By the time Kwesi “Killer” Millington shows up in court
he’ll have benefited from six years of lies, delays, cover-ups,
delays, special treatment, delays, watered-down charges,
delays, delays and more delays. More...
Kwesi Millington wants to sue the CBC for libel.
But he won’t even indicate what the network said
that supposedly defamed him. More...


More news about RCMP Corporal
Benjamin Monty Montgomery Robinson’s
deadly career

Robinson remains on paid leave
while a decision on Orion Hutchinson’s death
keeps dragging on. More...
And on... More...
The charge is merely obstructing justice. Sounds like
Robinson is getting a really sweet deal. More...
The manner in which the criminal justice system
handles fatality cases involving police officers
is driven by anything but the principle
that we are all equal in the eyes of the law. More...
Robinson proves himself to be
one cunning, callous cop. More here and here.
What constitutes gross misconduct for the RCMP? More...
Two and a half years after Orion Hutchinson’s death
Robinson finally faces a watered-down charge. More...
And three and a half years after Robert Dziekanski’s death,
another watered-down charge. More...
Robinson has been off work with full pay since October 2007.
So far that’s a four-year, four-month paid vacation while he faces
two criminal charges resulting from two deaths. More...
Robinson finally gets convicted of something,
even if it’s a watered-down charge. He continues to draw
full pay, full benefits and yearly raises while doing absolutely nothing.
He might even stretch that out until retirement. More...
By continuing to pay Robinson, the RCMP flouts public outrage.
They should just fire the bastard. And now. More...
As for the other three members of the Dziekanski death squad,
they’ll never even be suspended. They’re not fit to carry weapons,
conduct investigations, testify in court or even deal with the public.
But they have safe jobs and guaranteed pensions thanks to the RCMP.
Monty Robinson just got a pay raise.
RCMP salary increases apply to all Mounties, even the
convicted criminals who spend years on paid vacation. More...
Robinson actually resigned. Has the two-time killer,
convicted criminal, disgraced police officer and tax-funded parasite
suddenly discovered principles? Or is he striving to stay out of prison?
Nevertheless, RCMP brass gave this sack of shit glowing references.
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