Lesson 1:
Don’t go near a stapler

OPCC boss and Dziekanski death squad supporter
Stan Lowe will advise immigrants
on dealing with police

On Jan. 29 police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe will speak at SUCCESS, an organization that helps newcomers to Canada. According to Metro newspaper, Lowe will advise recent immigrants on “what people should do if they are in a police incident.”

This is the same Stan Lowe who took part in the Criminal Justice Branch decision to exonerate the four RCMP officers involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski. In his previous job with the CJB, Lowe stated that the five Taser blasts and other brutal treatment inflicted on the recently arrived immigrant were “reasonable and necessary.”

Lowe’s co-speaker at SUCCESS will be Vancouver police chief Jim Chu. Lowe is supposedly a watchdog who monitors Chu’s work. Their appearance together could be reason for concern because deputy police complaint commissioner Bruce M. Brown appeared to have a chummy relationship with Ian Upton and Rollie Woods when they were conducting Vancouver police internal investigations. The fact that Woods now works for the OPCC might be attributed partly to cronyism, as well as a commitment to biased work.

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