Rollie Woods
heightens his hypocrisy

The liar and corrupt cop-turned-liar and
corrupt ex-cop comments on cop corruption


Rollie Woods corrupt cop and serial liar

While heading the oddly named Vancouver Police
Professional Standards department, Rollie Woods supervised
VPD investigators who decided in advance that police were
100-per-cent right and complainants or victims 100-per-cent wrong.
Woods and his staff smeared complainants, interviewed complainants
only at the end of investigations and conducted witness-tampering.
Woods personally lied about the Criminal Code. His flagrant dishonesty
was then rubber-stamped by B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.


Rollie Woods serial liar and corrupt cop

Rollie Woods’ loathsome VPD work won him a retirement
sinecure with the OPCC. Police complaint commissioner
Stan Lowe hired and promoted this repugnant liar,
ensuring a corrupt cop culture prevailed
at his corrupt cop-friendly agency.


Rollie Woods corrupt cop and sociopathic liar

As deputy police complaint commissioner, Rollie Woods
took part in numerous OPCC cover-ups of cop misconduct.
Four that have come to light despite the OPCC’s secrecy involve
Vancouver police officer Taylor Robinson, District of Saanich
officer Brent Wray, former Victoria police chief Frank Elsner
and New Westminster officer Sukhwinder “Vinnie” Dosanjh.


Rollie Woods sociopathic liar and corrupt cop

The case of VPD officer Taylor Robinson stands out
for the gratuitous nature of his assault on a disabled
native woman, the duration of the VPD/OPCC cover-up
and the extent of Rollie Woods’ lying. Woods lied brazenly about
serious aspects of the case to the Georgia Straight and the
Victoria Times Colonist, showing sociopathic disregard for truth,
as well as contempt for the poor, natives and the physically disabled.


Rollie Woods hypocrite liar and corrupt cop

Having sent police a message that he and the OPCC
will support similar acts of gratuitous violence on similar victims,
Rollie Woods then retired on a double pension. Unfairly to some cops,
Woods’ legacy supports the ACAB slogan: All Cops Are Bastards.


Stanley Thomas Lowe establishment lawyer and repugnant liar

Of course serial liar Rollie Woods spoke on behalf of,
and therefore lied on behalf of, B.C. police complaint
commissioner Stan T. Lowe, making this establishment
lawyer nothing more than a repugnant liar himself.
Like that of his flunky Woods, Lowe’s career shows
sociopathic disregard for truth as well as contempt
for the poor, natives and the physically disabled.


A letter to Postmedia reporter Kim Bolan | February 8, 2021

Hi Kim: 

It was deeply ironic to see Rollie Woods as a source for your story last week about police corruption. As head of VPD Professional Standards and second-in-charge at the OPCC, he was a corrupt character himself. 

Under his direction, VPD Professional Standards investigators decided in advance that cops were 100% right and complainants or victims 100% wrong. His staff smeared complainants, interviewed complainants only at the end of investigations and conducted witness-tampering. Woods personally lied about the Criminal Code. His decisions were then rubber-stamped by the OPCC. 

While with the OPCC, he and his boss Stan Lowe took part in four cover-ups that have come to light despite the agency’s lack of transparency and accountability. The cover-ups concern VPD officer Taylor Robinson, former Victoria police chief Frank Elsner, District of Saanich officer Brent Wray and New Westminster officer Sukhwinder “Vinnie” Dosanjh.  

Speaking on behalf of Lowe, Woods lied about the Robinson cover-up to the Georgia Straight and the Times Colonist. 

That cover-up stands out for blatant, ongoing collusion between the VPD and the OPCC, and the contemptuous nature of Robinson’s violence towards a physically disabled native woman. 

The OPCC gets away with this because it works almost entirely in secret and, in practice, answers to no one. The agency answers only to the legislature but the legislature has called the OPCC to account just once, back in 2002, in an inquiry that mostly dealt with allegations that the police complaint commissioner of the time was bullying his staff. 

A legislative committee is currently discussing B.C.’s Police Act but will likely follow the example of previous committees in avoiding the topic of transparency and accountability. 

As for the media, they have rarely reported on the OPCC from a critical perspective and, especially with the Times Colonist, have sometimes been downright sycophantic in their coverage. 

If you’re interested in details about any of those cover-ups, the OPCC’s lack of transparency and accountability, or any related info, please let me know. 

Greg Klein 

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