Kenrick ‘Ken’ Whitney:
From offensive tackle
to offensive cop

The RCMP stick by the former CFL player
despite his record for assaulting people
over trivial incidents

Kenrick “Ken” Whitney, a former night club bouncer and Canadian Football League player, will keep his job as an RCMP officer despite two confirmed assaults over very minor incidents. Crown prosecutors declined to press charges over his most recently known assault, while a provincial court judge treated him leniently for an earlier assault.

The most recent of the two assaults took place in April 2007. But for reasons that haven’t been explained, an RCMP adjudication board didn’t make a decision on the incident until November 2008. The media didn’t learn of the assault until July 2009.

In the April 2007 incident, Whitney was on duty in an unmarked police car. He pulled over a vehicle driven by Robert Benn, whom Whitney said cut him off. Whitney approached the car on foot, leaned down and spat on the driver.

Whitney is known to have committed at least one other assault, also over a trivial incident. In November 2002, Cameron Pashak parked his car in a space that Whitney had hoped to take. Whitney pulled up alongside Pashak and swore at him. As Pashak walked away from his car, Whitney drove along, following him. Whitney then left his car, threatened to kill Pashak and chased him on foot. Whitney, a much larger man, caught up with Pashak and hit him in the face hard enough to knock him down.

Whitney got off easy both times. After the assault on Pashak, a judge gave Whitney 25 hours of community service. The RCMP docked him two days’ pay.

After spitting on Benn, the Crown stayed criminal charges. The RCMP docked Whitney five days’ pay.

Whitney remains with the RCMP.

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