Investigation of
police shooting
drags on

Jeff Hughes died seven months ago,
but few details have been released
about circumstances of fatal standoff

Danielle Bell, Nanaimo Daily News, May 27, 2010


Interviews with police and witnesses about the man shot and killed by Nanaimo RCMP last year continue, according to investigators.

It has been more than six months since 48-year-old Jeff Hughes, described as a misunderstood neo-Nazi who was memorialized by white supremacists on Martyrs Day, was shot and killed by police outside his Selby Street apartment on Oct. 23 following a 6 a.m. noise complaint.

The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit, which is leading the investigation, has interviewed dozens of police and civilian witnesses but several remain, according to Victoria Police spokesman Sgt. Grant Hamilton.

Nearly all of the officers involved, including several who retained lawyers to represent them during the investigation, have been interviewed.

Police have released little information to the public since the death of Hughes, including how many officers were involved, how many shots were fired and whether Hughes had a weapon. The next step is to forward the investigative findings to a use of force expert for review, according to Hamilton, who expects that step to be taken in the next month.

The third-party expert will examine the circumstances and statements to paint “a clear picture” of what happened and give an opinion as to whether the use of force was justified in this case.

From there, the entire package is forwarded to the Crown prosecutor, who will review facts to determine whether there was any criminality in the actions of the officers involved, said Hamilton. It has not been disclosed if findings will be made public soon.


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