Ex-police complaint commissioner
Ryneveld gets another lucrative
government gig

Ironically, challenging an alleged gangster.
But Dirty Dirk’s a liar who lacks
the integrity to practise law

Nov. 30, 2011


While working as B.C.’s police complaint commissioner, Dirk Ryneveld proved himself to be a liar and corrupt official who abused the public trust. Therefore he’s not fit to practise law. But he does, for the B.C. government no less (not to mention Saanich police, an especially stinky deal that suggests payment for services rendered).

Did Ryneveld stop being a liar and corrupt character when he left the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner and joined the establishment Victoria law firm of McConnan, Bion, O’Connor & Peterson? Did he stop being a liar when those remunerative government assignments came in?

That’s far-fetched, especially given the brazenness of his dishonesty while police complaint commissioner. More likely, Ryneveld scores highly for sociopathic traits.

Doesn’t hurt his career, though.

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