Was Boyd’s behaviour provoked
by a gun-wielding undercover cop
who didn’t identify himself?

“This evidence is public knowledge as it is part of the evidence
presented at the coroner’s inquest”

May 30, 2012

This statement appeared as an online comment posted in the Vancouver Province on May 30, 2012. It’s attributed to David Boyd, Paul Boyd’s father. If this is in fact David Boyd’s statement, and if it’s accurate, then the Paul Boyd shooting is even more disturbing than we’ve understood. Also the statement, if accurate, reflects very badly on B.C.’s media.

6:43 PM on 5/30/2012

You are still reporting that my son Paul was wielding a chain and causing a disturbance on Granville Street on the night he was killed. The truth, as supported by all the police officers who testified at the Coroner’s Inquest, was that he was sitting peacefully on a bench talking calmly to a man at whom he had been shouting earlier. He had apologized for his actions to this man and they were having a quiet conversation. The aggressive behaviour of the police towards my son caused him to react in a fearful way and defend himself from an assault by a deadly weapon, a gun pointed at him by a plain-clothes officer who did not identify himself as police. Before the police arrived, my son’s only aggression was verbal. He had not struck or even touched anyone on the street and the man sitting with him said he had not felt afraid of him in spite of the shouting. This evidence is public knowledge as it is part of the evidence presented at the Coroner’s inquest.

How far did Stan Lowe go to clear the cop who killed Paul Boyd?
Was the OPCC intentionally blind to its
bought-and-paid-for expert on inattentional blindness?
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