Off-duty RCMP trio
ticketed in Prince George

Sam Cooper, The Vancouver Province, July 22, 2009

Three off-duty RCMP officers have been ticketed after speeding away on motorcycles from a pursuing officer near Prince George in May.

The three constables were given four-month licence suspensions under the Motor Vehicle Act, not the Criminal Code, Const. Madonna Saunderson explained in a press release.

The incident took place May 15 at Highway 16 near McBride Timber Road.

The speeding trio passed a speed-enforcement officer who gave chase, but “the motorcycles were pulling away and the police officer shut down, radioing ahead to another police officer who stopped the three motorcycles,” Saunderson said.

“There was never any indication of alcohol or drug involvement,” Saunderson said. “Had there been any indication, the investigation would have gone immediately into a Criminal Code investigation.”

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