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After having temporarily revived this project,
I’m once again wrapping it up. Thanks for reading

Dec. 12, 2011, updated Dec. 14, 2011

For reasons outlined here, I ended my campaign for police accountability in January 2011. Then three developments that were probably related prompted me to temporarily revive the project. After that I sort of fell off the wagon and into commenting about the subject again. But that’s all for now, although I might post the occasional update once in a blue moon.

At this point I’ve said and done all I can say and do on the issue.

It has, however, sometimes been interesting, even illuminating. Once again my thanks to those journalists who did show interest in my efforts, especially Travis Lupick and Charlie Smith at the Georgia Straight. Thanks also to everyone who took the time to correspond with me. Reading your e-mails was sometimes akin to a see-saw ride of highly encouraging praise and deeply disturbing incidents. Thanks as well to everyone else who took the time to visit the site.

Of course I’ll still be happy to hear from anyone who wants to write.


Dec. 14 update: News from Ontario drove me to post another comment only two days after I decided to quit. The story about the Ontario Ombudsman’s latest report once again brings out some of the problems I’ve been trying to discuss. But, while these are considered important issues back east, the BC Liberals, NDP, B.C. Civil Liberties Association and almost everyone in B.C.’s media refuse to acknowledge them. So the story also serves as another reminder about the futility of trying to discuss this in B.C. It seems fitting, therefore, to end this project on a futile note.

Thanks again for reading anyway.

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