B.C. should have said no
to bad cop

A letter published in the Vancouver Province, Nov. 28, 2012


Re: ‘Last-chance’ Mountie resigns

The RCMP didn’t divulge the very real possibility that this senior officer and disgraceful cop retired on full pension.

More to the point, why does the RCMP keep dumping its trash on B.C.? Because our politicians let them. Justice Minister Shirley Bond sounded pathetically weak last May when Alberta Mounties transferred Sgt. Donald Ray to Surrey. While in Edmonton, Ray had admitted to a number of charges of disgraceful conduct, including exposing himself to a female subordinate.

True, B.C.’s justice minister has no veto over RCMP transfers. But a real justice minister would have raised hell. She would have forced the RCMP to back down.

And where’s our opposition party? B.C.’s NDP has consistently supported the B.C. Liberals on police matters. No one gains but the police status quo.

Greg Klein, Vancouver

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