More evidence of
OPCC cover-ups

They come in the form of continued lies
from deputy police complaint commissioner Rollie Woods

Repugnant liar Rollie Woods

Under the direction of career liar Rollie Woods,
Vancouver Police Professional Standards set out in advance
to find their buddies 100-per-cent right and complainants or victims
100-per-cent wrong. Liar Woods and his cronies smeared complainants,
interviewed complainants only at the end of investigations, conducted
witness-tampering and lied about the Criminal Code. Police complaint
commissioner Stan Lowe hired and promoted this liar, ensuring a dishonest
police culture prevails at this supposed oversight agency. On behalf of
his boss, liar Woods lies to the media.



(Update: After a decade of double-dipping duplicity, this obviously corrupt serial liar retired in June 2019. Read about Rollie Woods’ legacy.)


B.C.’s deputy police complaint commissioner Rollie Woods did it again—he lied to the media. Of course he’s probably doing that on an ongoing basis but, because the OPCC works in near secrecy, it’s not always easy to spot his lies. This time, however, Woods was at his most obvious.

One point arising from this particular Woods whopper is that this repugnant liar speaks—and therefore lies—on behalf of B.C. police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe. That makes the establishment lawyer and statutory officer of the legislature a repugnant liar too.

Woods’ whopper also raises the question of why the liar has to lie if he and his lying colleagues aren’t conducting cover-ups.

This Woods whopper followed a letter of mine that was published in the Victoria Times Colonist. That followed a critical comment that the paper reported from Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson about Lowe’s lengthy delay before ordering an investigation into Victoria police chief Frank Elsner. The news story was an extremely rare example of negative media coverage of the OPCC. For the Times Colonist, it may be unprecedented. The paper normally gives every impression of being friendly with the corrupt agency.

Interestingly, the paper swiftly deleted a piece entitled “An earlier launch for Elsner probe?” that apparently appeared on its website briefly, likely on November 17.

My letter compared Lowe’s delay in the Elsner case to Lowe’s delay in ordering an investigation into Vancouver police constable Taylor Robinson, who shoved a disabled woman to the ground for no reason. In both cases a lengthy delay ended only after the media found out.

Liar Woods responded by lying in his own letter to the paper.

Liar Woods didn’t even refute my information. Instead, the liar dishonestly claimed it had been refuted elsewhere. In doing so, the liar presented two very problematic statements.

Liar Woods stated: “The reasons for the complaint commissioner’s decision to order an investigation at the time he did are clearly explained in the notice document which is posted on the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner website.”

That’s highly misleading. Lowe’s feeble excuses in no way satisfied Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson.

Even worse than misleading, liar Woods lied outright when he stated that my information about the Robinson case was “debunked at the public hearing into the matter.” That’s nonsense. A fabrication. Fiction. A figment of liar Woods’ lying imagination. The subject didn’t even come up at the hearing.

But in the extremely unlikely event there might be doubt of which to give liar Woods the benefit, I wrote to the liar asking him to substantiate that statement. The liar didn’t respond.

This isn’t, of course, the first time liar Woods has lied to the media about the Robinson cover-up.

In another massive Woods whopper, the liar lied to the Georgia Straight, saying his boss “ordered a public hearing into the matter, in particular to look into why the police did not notify this office of the pushing incident and instead undertook some type of informal resolution process that is outside of the Police Act.”

Bullshit. Pure Rollie Woods bullshit. Liar Woods’ boss did no such thing.

Of course he couldn’t. A public hearing would reveal the OPCC’s collusion in the Vancouver Police Professional Standards cover-up.

Liar Woods, by the way, used to head the oddly named VPD unit.

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